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If you don’t know about HIVE Blockchain, here is a short blockchain explanatory video!

We use your donations to allow the concept to grow, and to reward cleaning actions as well as possible. Clean Planet is a non-profit organization. Earth thanks you already! You can also make a donation in Bitcoin or simply by Paypal. If you want to know more about our concept and our history, it’s there! 

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You can choose from diferent amounts. Every donation is important, we use it to grow the concept and reward you better! If you don’t have an account you can click on the button « create an account » below.

You can delegate in HIVE POWER :

5 HP10 HP20 HP50 HP100 HP200 HP1000 HP


simply use paypal to give us a donation


Make a donation in Bitcoin!

We also accept Bitcoin, which we will transform into Steem power or Hive Power as soon as it is received, and to which we will apply a point system equivalent to other donations.

Bitcoin Address  : 1N9mvXdUVp6FKc7uZtsz6hpkc9BbauMVJr

Ethereum Address : 0xC0b92055Aa0CE4c4727dE5104a78cA52c1Dc5030

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