Association Status

Voted by the General Assembly of 28 March 2019

Article 1: Title

An association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901 is founded between the members of the present statutes, with the title: CLEAN PLANET

Article 2: Corporate purpose

The purpose of the association CLEAN PLANET is to

to protect and safeguard the environment; to promote, interact and reward the action of collecting vacant waste from nature

  • the fight against all forms of pollution and nuisance, considering in particular their impact on human health,
  • defending, informing and raising the awareness of citizens, consumers and users in these areas.

It carries out its activities throughout the territory of the Republic as well as outside its borders, in particular by means of actions before all jurisdictions, administrations, national or international organisations.

Article 3: Registered office

The registered office is located at: 3 Allée du Beau Site, 63110 Beaumont. The Board of Directors may transfer it by simple decision.

Article 4: Duration

The duration of the association is unlimited.

Article 5: Members

Each person obtains the quality of member when he/she makes an eco-citizen gesture.

The quality of member or honorary member is lost by

a) resignation

b) death, or dissolution in the case of an association

c) striking off by the Board of Directors for non-payment of the membership fee or for serious

c) striking off by the Board of Directors for non-payment of the membership fee or for serious reasons, the person concerned having been invited by registered letter to appear before the Bureau to provide explanations.

Article 6: The Board of Directors

Elected members are eligible for re-election.

The Board shall elect from among its members, by secret ballot, a bureau which shall consist of at least

1) a President

2) a secretary

3) a treasurer

In the event of a vacancy, the Council shall provisionally replace its members. The definitive replacement shall be made at the next General Assembly. The powers of these directors shall end at the time when the term of office of the replaced members would normally expire.

In the event of three unjustified absences, the Board of Directors may, after warning, appoint a provisional replacement. The term of office of the provisional director shall end when the term of office of the replaced director expires.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least once every six months, at the invitation of the Chairman or at the request of half of its members.

In particular, it shall prepare the agenda for the statutory meeting.

Decisions are taken by majority vote. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote.

Article 7: General Assembly

The Ordinary General Assembly shall comprise the delegates representing the members as well as the honorary members. It shall meet at least once a year.

At least fifteen days before the date fixed, the members of the association are convened by electronic means by the secretary. The agenda shall be indicated on the invitations.

The President, assisted by the members of the Board of Directors, chairs the Assembly and presents the moral situation of the association (activity and orientation report).

The General Assembly adopts the budget for the year and approves the accounts for the previous year presented by the Treasurer.

After the agenda has been completed, half of the members of the Board shall be replaced by secret ballot.

Article 8: Extraordinary General Assembly

If necessary, or at the request of half plus one of the Honorary Members, the President may convene an Extraordinary General Assembly, in accordance with the procedures laid down in Article 11.

Article 9: Resources

The resources of the Association shall consist of

a) delegations from members

b) subsidies which may be granted by the State or public authorities

c) income from its assets

d) sums received in return for services provided by the association

e) all resources authorised by the legislative and regulatory texts

Article 10: Rules of Procedure

Internal regulations shall be drawn up by the Board of Directors, which shall have them approved at the General Assembly. These rules are intended to set out the various points not provided for in the statutes, particularly those relating to the internal administration of the association. Any modification shall be approved in the same form.

Article 11: Dissolution

In the event of dissolution pronounced by two thirds of the members present at the General Assembly, one or more liquidators shall be appointed by the latter, and the assets, if any, shall be devolved in accordance with the social purpose of the association, under the conditions of Article 9 of the law of 1 July 1901.